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Application’s of Instruments Training


  1. Identification, separation, Qualitative & Quantitative analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) and drugs.
  2. Purity Assay of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Quantitative analysis of Antioxidants, antibacterial/ antifungal drugs and medicines.
  3. Chemo-profiling (Taxonomy or Profiling) of active pharmaceutical ingredients, biotech products (Nucleotide, vaccines, enzymes), Bimoleculas (proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, fatty acid profile and biological markers), Medicinal plant/Herbal markers.
  4. Microbiological testing in all products.



  1. A Study of antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants against microbes/pathogens
  2. Identification, Isolation, Purification, Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of marker compound or active constituents of herbal drugs and Ayurvadic medicines (Bacoside is marker of Bacopa monnieri, is a memory enhancer. Gallic acid in Amla).
  3. Geogpharical studies of plant medicines and herbal drugs.
  4. Isolation, qualitative & quantitative analysis of aflatoxins in herbal and food products.
  5. Hazard chemicals (bio pesticides, insecticides, herbicides) in herbal and food products.
  6. Nutritional facts in food products (vitamins, proteins, enzymes, fatty acids).
  7. Residual drug analysis in food products.
  8. Determination of active constituent/fragrance compounds in cosmetic products.
  9. Quantitative estimation of Preservatives in food/herbal/edible products.(it’s hyper/hypo effects)
  10. Microbiological testing in all products


Agriculture/Environmental Industries

  1. Determination of mycotoxins/Aflatoxins in agricultural products (rice, creals, maize, corn)
  2. Pesticides determination in Agri products and water/waste water samples.
  3. Chemical/gaseous pollutants in air samples.

Chemical Industries

  1. Assay/Test for Chemical purity check.





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